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We Guarantee all
Our Jobs


We Guarantee all
Our Jobs


We Guarantee all
Our Jobs


Plumbing service

We Guarantee all
Our Jobs


Jamaica’s most fully equipped plumbing services

We offer a wide range of plumbing and cesspool services, along with complete maintenance services such as leak detection, pressure test supply line, repairing of small and large burst pipes, installation of electric, tank-less and solar water heater, sewer camera inspection, cesspool service and many more. Get all your plumbing problems fixed at your own convenient schedule in Jamaica. No job is too small or too large. As long as it’s plumbing, it’s our business.

Why Choose Us?

trained Trained and Certified Staff

Get professionally trained and certified plumbers to treat your home or office to a Stephen’s Plumbing experience. We will explain the plumbing issue to you and what has to be done. We follow strict quality standards to get the job done right the first time.

24hrs 24 Hr Emergency Service

We are your fast and customer care plumbing company. Let a Stephen’s 24-hour plumber take care of your emergency plumbing needs in Kingston. Our aim is to help you with emergency service 24 hours at your home or business. Request plumbing assistance before the issue worsens! Emergency No-(876) 909-0317

plumbingFully-Equipped Plumbing

We are fully equipped with all the tools and equipment required to resolve all your plumbing problems in no-time. Need plumbing help in Jamaica? Let Stephen’s Plumbing Service & Cesspool Emptier Ltd. be your one and only stop.

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plumbing services


Stephen’s Plumbing Service & Cesspool Emptier Ltd. delivers the best plumbing services in Kingston, Jamaica. Other services include, but are not limited to the clearing of major or minor sewage blockage, working with water tank pumps, septic tank pumps, G-Straps, the availability of pumps to pump away any volume of water or sewage; gravity feed water tank installation, pit cleaning and treatment, water pump installation and repair, piping of building and installation of all fixtures and faucets.

Contact us & get a trained uniformed professional at your service for fixing all your plumbing problems. Enjoy excellent response time & good quality work! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Stephen’s Plumbing Service & Cesspool Emptier Ltd. has been servicing Jamaica for over 25 years. Our competent and reliable staff are trained to carry out any of your possible plumbing needs. We carry a wide range of tools and equipment in our arsenal to deliver only the utmost professional services. To serve you better, we also do a bit of tiling, masonry and carpentry related tasks.


Look no further than us for all your plumbing needs.

Emergency No-(876) 909-0317


We handle all Residential and Commercial plumbing related issues

Our plumbing services include:

  • Leak Detection
  • Sewer Camera Inspection
  • Pipe-line location
  • Water supply line pressure test
  • Power washing of sewer-line 100% Guaranteed Clean
  • Demolition tools for any such job
  • Clearing of minor and major blockages
  • Fixing of small and large burst pipes
  • Installation and repairs to all plumbing, Residential and Commercial
  • As long as it is Plumbing, it’s our Business

Our cesspool services include:

  • Drawing of waste water from pit
  • Cleaning of pit ,which may include chemical treatment
  • Septic tank drawing & cleaning
  • Cleaning of sewer mains, manholes, grease traps and gully basins

Contact Details:

Adress: 35 Hughenden Avenue,
Kingston 20

Phone: (876) 925-1123 / (876) 925-7232

Emergency Mobile No : (876) 849-1024 / (876) 808-6011

WhatsApp : (876) 849-1024

No Job too Large, No Job too Small

We accept cash, cheque and direct bank credit as payment